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Shocking for pizza lovers will prevent you from information taken up again because of the seriousness know it

It is the pizza of the best deli that is loved by everyone in the various countries of the world and are native to the eastern Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Turkey and Egypt, where they were Bandaj layer of dough on a hot stone, and they cover different types of ingredients such as meat and vegetables and then taken from the then Italian soldiers to Angulwha to Italy with the addition of tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, then moved the Italians immigrants to America and then moved to other countries and is the Italian city of Naples pizza Center became lass masses.
But the site Bold Sky Indian publication of a shocking report on the pizza shows where she meal is healthy and it contains a large number of calories and eat one piece of which is equal to 300 calories and 14 grams of saturated fat and 700 grams of sodium and warned the site of pizza ingredients that cause the dangerous to health as warned of refined flour, he said that during the refining process loses all vitamins and minerals.And also cheese where it causes the cheese used in pizza in the problems of the heart, cholesterol, added the site to pizza contain large amounts of sodium, which works to increase high blood pressure and also cause the break down blood sugar levels because they contain flour, refined, some harmful additives to him and which caused an increase in blood sugar levels than normal average.
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The benefits of eating three cups of tea a day on the body

Tea is the Chinese name given to the tree green leaves and drink, which is made of it, many people disagree about tea Some of them deals with tea for more than five cups a day and some of them drank only tea and one cup and some of them would prefer not to drink tea definitively fear for his health, but a recent study shows the impact of tea on human health to those addresses for more than three cups a day.

A medical study showed that eating tea for the number three cups a day, it keeps its teeth and prevent tooth decay in spite of adding sugar to tea, but does not affect its effectiveness, and that if human intake of green tea, it has an effect, such as black tea, but it removes the bad smell from the mouth also because it contains sulfur compound, and that black tea works to ease inflammation and reduce the growth of bacteria that help adhesion food teeth.
Eating many of the 4 cups a day Tea damage

    If a person eating more than four cups tea a day, that works to stimulate estrogen substantial increase might help breast cancer.
    Human infects shortness of breath for those who suffer from anemia is also covered by wagging the weakness of their immune.
    Non-tea behind diets not over two hours until at least it does not expose the body disturbed digestion.
    Human infects constant constipated.
    Also there are a lot of people suffering from extreme thinness because tea intake significantly.
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Tahini and benefits for the body and their damage

Tahini, are juicer love sesame after well purified and roasted, and can be sesame era without roasted, enter the tahini in many uses cooking desserts Kallaoh halva and sandwiches, salads and can be tahini salad industry, one of the tastiest authorities next to the food, and it has many benefits are endless as to have health effects, but we recognize that.
Benefits of tahini

Rich in minerals such as potassium and iron
Address anemia
Expel toxins from the body
Help digestion
Aeidid containing vitamins as vitamin E, B1, B2
Eating tahini way possible eating tahini with the authorities or by adding them to dishes of food appetite and can tahini salad industry by placing a quarter cup of tahini Amadv to the era of the mortar and a little garlic, cumin, pepper Asmar, a cup of yogurt are good mixing them with add a little oil, and progress in a dish serving.Elimination of dental abscess tehena
Tahini can use to eliminate tooth abscess by placing Qatanna dipped from tahini Ali abscess for 5 minutes and repeat for two days until the abscess gradually disappears.
Treat gingivitis tehena
You can use tahini inside the mouth on the Elimination of gingival inflammation and ulceration of the tongue and through the little tahini on a place inflamed and disappear gradually, Valtahinh helps the body get rid of the viruses and bacteria that cause oral problems, and tahini contain marginal Fahmi strong source to eliminate poverty blood added to food or can be taken as an authority tahini.Tahini damage to the body
Tahini may harm the human body if ingested continuously, it is working to gain weight because they contain high calories.
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Many health benefits attracts you to drink goat's milk

Many of us depends on the cow's milk products, forgetting the many benefits can be obtained from only eating the most useful and beneficial to the health of the body goat milk Numerous studies have proven to be a major force in killing bacteria and cleanse the body of toxins and solving effective for those suffering from digestive disorders it really is good for health and what are the secrets of goat's milk? Keep reading and you will know how important the benefits and impact of this important milk.

Goat's milk, including addition of effective elements in the treatment of mouth sores viral amazed researchers over many years, especially his ability to kill the virus in infants, where attacks the virus and kill it and prevent it from infecting healthy cells in the body and after several studies confirming proven goat milk's ability to get rid of herpes virus which affects infants.

Goat's milk strengthens the immune system
Demonstrated several studies have been conducted on the impact of goat milk to stimulate the immune system and the results were promising and confirm very effective in strengthening the immune system after exposing lymphocytes "white blood cell" has reported that the goat milk contains a ratio of calcium is estimated at 10%, which is higher than what is It found in cows so much help in the body's absorption of calcium in children and prevent adults from osteoporosis more than cow's milk.

Goat milk kills cholerae bacteria
The study confirmed that goat milk than breast milk to kill this type of bacteria by 100% and 93% of breast milk and which is characterized by goat's milk contains fatty acids concentrated in order to facilitate the digestion process greatly, especially among those suffering from digestive problems.

Goat's milk and children
Extend the body of children is very important proteins needed by the doctors advised him to increase the supply of children's growth and nutrition their bodies ideal nutritional elements doctors have confirmed that the sensitivity ratio of protein toward him is not at all different from cow's milk.

Goat's milk and obesity
It is known that goat's milk contains a large percentage of fat is not preferred by obese people, it has become possible to eat after the availability of containers in the low-fat market and the percentage of fat it is suitable for those who suffer from obesity and also suffers from heart disease and high blood pressure do not have to worry ratio sodium in goat's milk are few and can eat milk and goat cheese without fear.Goat hair and skin milk
Application holder goat's milk on the hair gives it shine and works to straighten and get rid of the roughness and embrittlement For skin gives it freshness and removes brown spots and Ardobaa well so it is advisable to use it on the skin and hair then Htefhma lukewarm water.
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Learn new benefits of garlic have not known before

Garlic uses too many cooking does not Tguetsraly Vqtoo eating only but for garlic and many other benefits after studies that reward researchers in the United States proved that garlic has many benefits in the treatment of certain diseases Vllthom benefits in hair and cold, skin and other benefits of the treatment shown off are as follows:The benefits of garlic in the treatment of many diseases1. For the treatment of coldsAnd so by eating regularly during colds enormous for its ability to treat cough and sore throat.2. Dental painAnd through the development of clove minced garlic on the affected tooth and leave it for a period of Dqaig then he will end the pain as it contains "Alolyecebn" which works to relieve pain.3. to treat ear achesAnd that by mixing sesame oil with the garlic clove and Tschanhm and use ear drops and leave it for a quarter of an hour.

4 - for the treatment of skin and acneHelps garlic on the smoothness of the skin and also address the problems of acne because it contains natural cleaners kill germs in Zaoreh young people, also it contains a large amount of "allicin" which is resistant to fungi and struggling in the treatment of aging skin and combating wrinkles and soften the skin, through the purchase of garlic oil Ready of Attar and used directly without any additions to the Alharoo skin but are advised not to use garlic directly on the sensitive skin of what had caused the damage.5. for the treatment of pain nailsThrough the era of the garlic cloves with the ground and put it on the victorious and get rid of the acrid smell of lemon juice possible to wash your hands.

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Prevention of spring allergy and some natural remedies have

Most people enjoy the separation of the spring where thrive Beautiful Nature and the flowers bloom
 and moderate temperatures after the winter and coolness, but the arrival of the spring and that was news for most people, but it is not the case for some people who suffer from allergies resulting from the pollen of flowers that bloom with spring, something It makes them allergic to most odors and even dust makes breathing irregularly and cause them great concern as a result of their symptoms non-trotted and of sneezing, runny nose and itching in the nose and sometimes asthma happen allergic accompanied secretions have symptoms appear to feel in the throat and in the lines following will offer some tips for protection the sensitivity of the spring as well as some natural recipes useful in the treatment of allergic springHow to prevent the spring allergy1. When doing housework must wear a protective mask to prevent dust to enter the respiratory tract.2. close the windows if they cause in bringing the dust3. If the house animals pets are cleaned well with clean legs when you return from abroad4. Wash mattresses family at least once a week using a high temperature5. use a dehumidifier in areas with high humidity, such as the roles of the real estate subscripts6. An air filter is fitted with high-tech and is changed every three months to prevent dustSome natural recipes dealt spring allergy1. eating honey bees by two tablespoons to a cup of hot water in the morning helps to breathe regularly2. nasal wash with a solution of warm salt water washes pollen from the nose and helps to get rid of the symptoms of spring allergy3. eat fresh or cooked onions resist colds and cold symptoms.4. Filv helps relieve the symptoms of allergic spring as Maadh Alcabsin active circulation and fights germs5. radish has a very strong Tottar Arsteh in the treatment of nasal allergy caused by spring6. Garlic is one of the most powerful antibiotics at all, and help relieve cold symptoms resulting from spring allergies.7. Ginger effective role in alleviating all the symptoms of colds and flu, particularly cold symptoms.
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10 Ways to Lose Weight Forever, According to Science

The best weight loss tips of all time

Losing weight is difficult. Losing weight and so keeping it off is even more durable. Case in point: seventy four of adults within the us area unit overweight or rotund, and weight loss could be a $20 billion trade. All that aforesaid, if you are making an attempt to slenderize, there isn't any reason to lose hope. lots of studies show that lasting weight loss isn't a story. Work a number of the fifty seven research-backed food, exercise, and life-style tips that follow into your routine, and watch the pounds begin to return off.

Eat a giant breakfast

Yeah, yeah—you've detected 1,000,000 times that you simply should begin your day with a balanced breakfast. this recommendation bears repetition, however. associate degree Imperial school London study found that once folks skipped breakfast, the reward centers in their brains lit up after they were shown footage of high-calorie foods. which means if you skip breakfast, you will be a lot of tempted by bad-for-you snacks later within the day. what is a lot of, a 2013 study found that ladies WHO enjoyed an outsized morning meal had a bigger come by endocrine, the hunger endocrine, than those that Greek deity alittle breakfast.

Finish breakfast with one thing sweet

Wrap up your morning meal with dessert—yes, really. in a very city University centre study, one cluster had a 304-calorie breakfast with ten grams of carbs, whereas the opposite cluster Greek deity a sixty0-calorie breakfast with 60 grams of carbs, including alittle sweet, like chocolate, a doughnut, a cookie, or cake. Halfway through the 8-month study, each teams had lost a mean of thirty three pounds per person. At the end, however, the low-carb cluster regained twenty two pounds, whereas the afters cluster born an extra fifteen. Researchers say the dessert-eaters reported addressing fewer cravings, and had a more robust likelihood of protrusive to their calorie needs for the remainder of the day.

Eat thirty grams of fiber daily

Try upping your fiber intake—it may match even as well as following a strict diet. In associate degree yankee Heart Association study, one cluster was taught to follow a diet with strict nutrient goals and limits on calories, sugar, and saturated fat, whereas the opposite cluster was given one goal: consume thirty grams of fiber daily. At the tip of the 3-month study, each teams lost weight and improved their heart health, showing that losing weight could also be as straightforward as filling au courant a lot of fiber.

Wean yourself off any food that is not water, tea, or coffee

Sodas and juices area unit primarily liquid candy: They contain up to eighteen teaspoons of sugar and upwards of 240 calories per 20-ounce serving, and supply zero organic process worth. specialists purpose to soda collectively of the highest contributors to the fat epidemic. Diet drinkers are not off the hook, either. A study within the journal fat found that diet soda drinkers were a lot of doubtless to own a high share of fat in their bellies. Researchers believe diet drinkers might overestimate the calories "saved," and so pig out.

Stock your deep-freeze with veggies

Fresh, in-season turn out provides you the largest organic process boost, however frozen veggies are available an in depth second. terribly shortly once being picked, these totally ripe veggies area unit frozen, permitting them to lock in several of their nutrients. Having a stash of veggies in your white goods makes healthy uptake on the fly oh-so-easy—and reduces the possibility you will order in a very pizza pie.

Reduce your meat intake

Vegetarians area unit typically dilutant and healthier than meat-eaters, in line with a 2013 study printed within the yankee Journal of Nutrition and life science. whereas going completely eater might not be realistic for you, a way to slenderize your meals is to switch some meat with plant macromolecule. Black beans, for instance, offer you fifteen grams of macromolecule per serving, and mushrooms area unit made in umami flavor, and may be accustomed replace [*fr1] the bottom beef in most recipes.

Make dairy farm a do

A dairy-rich diet masses you up with atomic number 20 and cholecarciferol, nutrients that facilitate build muscle—and boost your metabolism as a result. Plus, the endocrine calcitriol helps conserve atomic number 20 for stronger bones whereas instructing your fat cells to convert less sugar to fat and burn a lot of body fat.

Pump up your macromolecule intake (but not too much)

Women want concerning forty six grams of macromolecule daily (56 for men), and it is important to hit that goal if you wish to stay your weight in restraint. Your body wants longer and energy to digest macromolecule than fat or carbs, therefore you're feeling full for extended and conjointly burn a lot of calories gripping the nutrients within the method. That said, you do not need to OD on macromolecule, either—if you've got an excessive amount of, the surplus gets keep as fat.

Drink black low

Your morning java jolt does not simply wake you up. Having a cup of low may additionally jumpstart your metabolism by twelve-tone music for three hours, in line with a study printed within the yankee Journal of Clinical Nutrition. simply do not make it—experts suggest no quite three cups daily for the common girl.

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